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Noir Flight Academy gives EASA approved flight Training in Europe

  • PPL to ATPL Converter
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What is Modular Flight Training?

The modular pilot training is designed with a step-by-step system to take you from zero experience to CPL. You start with 100 hours of PPL theory, take exams, take a PPL flight and skill test, and then become a Private Pilot. In the next step, you need to do a combination of structured hours building to ensure you qualify for Commercial Pilot Training (CPL) training followed by 14 ATPL theory topics. Upon successful completion, you will do your Commercial Pilot Training (CPL) training and your Instrument Flight Rating (IR) degree.

Time of Modular Pilot Training

The total flying time in a modular course is about 200 hours. Modular pilot training takes 12–18 months depending on student progress, weather, and other factors. Nowadays most of the students prefer Modular Route because of the time, money and flexibility. Modular flight training is traditionally cheaper than integrated. You can choose where and when you complete your pilot training that gives you the benefit of being able to budget appropriately, paying for you training as you go, rather than spending a large upfront sum that is required for integrated courses. You can do it as quickly or slowly as you like, which gives you the opportunity to work while getting your various licenses. The hour building, required for the commercial pilot license issue, can be completed in other countries.

What is Integrated Flight Training?

On this training, one continuous program takes you from zero flight experience to obtaining a commercial pilot license (we also refer as frozen ATPL) . All the training is delivered by one Flight School. When the training program starts, you must comply with the published pilot training program. You commence with the ATPL theory as the first step and complete all 14 EASA subjects before you get to start flying any aircraft. You don’t take any Private Pilot Licence (PPL) or Commercial Pilot Training (CPL) skill tests. Instead, you complete several progress tests during your flight training. 

Time of Integrated Pilot Training

Total flight time in an integrated program is approximately 200 hours. Integrated pilot training usually takes 20-24 months depending on air cost, student progression and other external courses. Integrated training is divided into specific modules. These;

1-) ATPL Ground Exams
2-) Flight Trainings
3-) Night Flight Authorization
4-) Multi-Engine Authority
5-) Instrument Rating
6-) Commercial Pilot License

Noir Flight School Pilot Training Cessna

Noir Flight Academy?

Noir Flight Academy currently offers pilot training programs approved by EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) and local aviation authorities, with campuses in Slovakia / Zilina and Hungary / Kaposvar. After the cadet pilots have successfully completed their flight training, the cooperation with Noir Flight Academy continues very tightly. As the Noir Flight School team, we provide them with a private pilot career consultancy.

Noir Flight Academy gives EASA approved Flight Training in Europe

Noir Flight Academy offers modular flight training on Private Pilot Licence (PPL), Pilot in Command (PIC), Night Visual Flight Rules (NVFR), Instrument Rating (IR), Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL). In addition to these trainings, Noir offers Aircraft Rental service. Noir Flight Academy gives these Flight Trainings with reasonable prices to make your Pilot Dream come true. Noir was founded by real aviation lovers to make a difference in pilot training.

  • Night Vision Flight Rules Training (NVFR)
  • Instrument Rating (IR)
  • Commercial Pilot License Training (CPL)
  • Private Pilot License Training (PPL)
  • Pilot in Command (PIC) / Time Building