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B2B offers for Pilot Trainings

Noir believes in collaborating to grow and contribute more to the aviation industry.

Noir Flight Academy is one of the fastest growing flight organizations in Europe. Noir is committed to sustainable development and cooperation with reliable business partners. We offer B2B to both student agencies and those who want to work individually.

For Agencies

Noir Flight Academy cooperates very strongly with student agencies from many different regions of the world. We share healthy and fast necessary informations with student agencies to protect their brand.

For Individuals

You don’t need to be a company to provide student resources to Noir Flight Academy. You can also personally recruit students in your local area and take advantage of Noir’s referral program.

Let’s Talk!

If you need more information about the B2B offers, please send us an inquiry to (Or fill contact form below) including the company details or with a resume if you are an individual. Our team will respond you as soon as possible.

Noir Flight School Pilot Training Zilina Airport

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