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Pilot-in-Command (PIC) flight experience is earned when you are the sole manipulator of the controls and operating an aircraft in which you are rated. Professional airline careers require a minimum amount of flight hours in order to qualify for pilot positions, including specific PIC time requirements. Our students earn PIC flight experience typically with a time-building partner onboard; however, students may conduct these flights solo based on their country’s Civil Aviation Authority’s requirements. Most commercial airlines have minimum PIC hours listed in their hiring requirements as well.

Yes, of course there are female pilots at Noir! We have been empowering women in aviation. Approximately 10-15% of our student pilots are women, and that number is increasing as more airlines are hiring female pilots. Women in aviation used to be less common, but we expect to see many more women become commercial pilots. We are extremely proud of the women who train at Noir!

Yes. Headsets are included. But You are welcome to use your own.

You may pay via cash or bank transfer. And We offer pay as you go payment style based on safety.

Yes. We provide hotel room in our base at Kaposvar Airport and flat in Kaposvar city. You may find current rates on our accommodation page.

  • PPL(A) or CPL(A)
  • Valid Medical Certificate
  • Pilot Logbook
  • Passport


General Questions

Noir Flight Academy is  a limited liability company (Noir Aviation s.r.o / Slovakia and Noir Aviation Group Kft. / Hungary) and EASA Approved Training Organisation (Flight school in Europe) 

Noir Flight Academy has 2 bases in EU. One is in Slovakia/Zilina international airport. Other is in Hungary/Kaposujlak airport. For more information, You may visit our bases page.

Yes. We only provide English pilot courses.

  • It depends on which course You would like to enroll. You may visit our courses page to have detailed information.

Aircraft maintenance is done in our base in our Hangar with EASA approved PART 145 maintenance organization.

We have more than 10 aircraft in our 2 bases.

It changes with the season. But We have minimum of 12 available instructors at least.

We basically provide training 0 to ATPL stage. So You can start your PPL course without any experience. You may visit our PPL course page.

  • Yes. For sure. Noir Flight Academy had been built to provide EASA flight training for international students.

Yes. Since We have been working with international students for years, We have experience training consultants to help you in every detail of training.

No. Noir Flight Academy is a privately operating flight school.

Basically No. We don’t guarantee any job. But We have an extensive industry network and job interview preparation team. So We may help you to build your pilot career.

Yes. We provide Visa support based on our international experience. But We are not a professional visa consultation company.

It is a complicated question. You may contact us to have detailed information. Anyway, The final decision will be made by a competent visa authority. 

You are supposed to apply at least 1 month before your training.

Medical Certificates

There are 2. Medical Class I and Class II. Class I stands for commercial pilots. Class II stands for private pilots.

You need to have EASA Medical Certificate Class II to fly the first solo.

5 years until you are 40, 2 years if you are between 40 and 50, 1 year if you are over 50

It costs approximately 70 euro in Hungary and Slovakia.

Yes. You can have your medical in any EASA member state. (But the cost of examination can vary in every country)

You need to have medical class I before starting Commerical Pilot Training CPL.

It costs approximately 180 euro in Hungary and Slovakia.


No. You pay as you fly. Generally, You pay in 4 installments. It would change with a different course.

You may pay cash or via bank transfer.

  • Yes. Generally You pay %15. But It can change depends on the course. 
  • This deposit is basically your first installment.

Accommodation and Transportation

Yes. We provide guest house directly in our base Kaposujlak Airport. You can check our accomodation page out.

There is one common kitchen with fridge, oven, microwave and other necessary stuff . Also There is washing machine. 

Yes. The rooms are designed to study and connected with high speed internet.

Yes. There are several restaurants deliver to our guest house rooms.

Yes. We provide private transportation from many destinations. You may contact us to book transportation.

It is pretty easy in our both bases. You may check our general info page.