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Environment of Flight School


Kaposvár is a city in the centre of the Southern-Transdanubian region undergoing a dynamic urban development. With a population of 64,872, with an agglomeration of 120,000 it can be considered a medium-sized city in Hungary. The area of Kaposvár is 113.59 km2.

Nowadays Kaposvár is a developing junction for rail- and public roads, having a tight connection to all the settlements of the agglomeration, as well as to further, overknoll ones. The European railway line from Budapest towards the Mediterranean (Rijeka, Split, Zagreb, Venice) leads through Kaposvár and other towns of the county.

Kaposvar base of noir Flight School

The average height of Kaposvár over the sea level takes generally 135 meters. The annual rainfall is about 700 to 720 mm, the annual average temperature takes 10,7 °C.

The average of Januarys cold is about -0,9 °C, the heat in July is about 21,8 °C. The continental climate of the town is regularly and favourably influenced by Mediterranean impacts.

There are a lot of lakes being plenteous in fish in the surroundings. The largest one among them is the mentioned Lake Deseda including 8 million m3 of water, being 8 km long with an average width of 3-400 m and with a total water surface of 260 ha . Nowadays it is a locally protected reservation area.

Eating in Kaposvar

Pretty Cafes

In Kaposvar you will find peacein pretty cafes. Take your bag and study in there in Peace.

Tasty Restaurants

Kaposvar offers you different kitchens tastes. If you don't have time to go check NetPincer app.

Have Your Breakfast

For an effective day we give attention to breakfast. You may interested breakfast places.

Pubs for Meeting

After busy days and times going pubs and meeting with people can be best option.

Transportation Options

Public Transportation is pretty enough but still if you interested in Taxi there is an app to offer you.

Sport Places

There are parks and forest for sport but if you want more we can recommend some place.

Healthcare Services

For any health case we shares some numbers and addresses.

To-Do in Kaposvar

If you decide to explore city you may check some ideas of us.