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ICAO English Certificate

While technical problems have been less common in aircraft accidents, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has been paying increased attention to human aspects in aviation, such as communication.

Communication, being one of the most essential human components, has thus gained increased attention, and the ICAO has established a standardized test system known as the English Language Proficiency (ELP).

ELP’s major objective is to provide a standardized format to test your mastery of the English language.

As Noir Flight Academy we are authorized to conduct the ICAO exam.

ICAO exam can be done in our Pilot training center.

What is ICAO Language Proficiency?

You will need to hold valid language proficiency endorsement for radio communication.

Your language skills will be rated on a scale of 1 to 6 (as defined by International Civil Aviation Organisation) and you must achieve a minimum level 4 ICAO. If you are graded at level 4 or 5 ICAO certificate you will need to be re-tested regularly. If you achieve level 6 you will not need to be retested. If you have level 4 ICAO, you will be retested after 4 years. If you have level 5 ICAO you will be retested after 6 years. If you are graded below at level 4 ICAO, you will not be able to get a licence that includes radiotelephony privileges. In order to get endorsement, you will need to demonstrate that you are able to do;

  1. Communicate effectively with voice and face to face
  2. Communicate on common and work related topics with accuracy and clarity
  3. Use appropriate communicative strategies to exchange messages and to recognise and resolve misunderstandings in a general or work related context
  4. Be able to use language effectively in a difficult or emergency work related situation or communication task that you have not encountered before
  5. Speak in an accent or dialect that can be understood


If you hold an instrument rating you must be able to demonstrate your English language proficiency to a level that will allow you to

– understand all the relevent information for all phases of flight, including preparation

-use radiotelephony in all phases of flight, including emergencies

-communicate with crew members during all phases of flight, including preparation.

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