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Started on Eylül 1, 202206:00pm-202 months

Private Pilot Licence (PPL) training in europe

In 35 hours of flight training, you can become a private pilot and this will allow you to fly anywhere also PPL is the first step of becoming a commercial pilot! Being a private pilot has many advantages.

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The private pilot license is a type of pilot license that allows you to act as the pilot in command of an aircraft privately under visual meteorological conditions. With this license, you can rent a plane and have a pleasant flight with your family or friends, but you can not make a commercial flight. The private pilot license is the first step to be an airline pilot. The Training consists of theory and practical parts.

Theory Part of Private Pilot License

First, let’s talk about the PPL Theory so there are 9 subjects and you take 100 hours of PPL theory lessons of this subjects. You can take most of the theory lessons as distance learning method and you can take the rest with instructor in classroom in Flight Academy. After the theory lessons, you will take PPL theory exam. You have to pass all 9 exams successfully. 

Practical part consists of minimum 45 flight hours. You will fly at least 25 hours with your flight instructor, and at least 10 hours as solo pilot under ground supervision of the flight instructor. You will fly at least 5 hours as solo navigation cross country flights, one of 150NM with full stops at two different airports other than departure airport.  Such obligations are followed by relative personel of the flight organisation and students focus on their trainings. PPL training finishes between 30-45 days depending on factors such as weather, student progress and other external factors. After completing the practical part, you will have practical exam. 

What is Private Pilot licence PPL(A) flight training?

What is involved in the Private Pilot Licence (PPL) Flight Training course?

1- Pre-flight operations, including mass and balance, aeroplane inspection and servicing.

2- Aerodrome and traffic pattern operations, collision avoidance precautions and procedures

3- Control of the aeroplane by external visual reference

4- Flight at critically low airspeeds, recognition of and recovery from, incipient and full stalls.

5- Flight at critically high airspeeds, recognition of and recovery from spiral dives.

6- Normal and cross-wind take-offs and landings

7- Maximum performance (short field and obstacle clearance) take-offs, short field landings

8- Flight by reference soley to instruments

9- Cross-country flying using visual reference, dead reckoning and radio navigation aids

10- Emergency operations, including simulated aeroplane equipment malfunctions

11- Operations to, from and transiting controlled aerodromes, compliance with air traffic services procedures, communication procedures and phraseology.

What Private Pilot Licence (PPL) Theory exams are there?

In order for you to take the Private Pilot Licence (PPL) skills test at the end of the Private Pilot Licence (PPL) course, you will need to have successfully completed all nine theoretical exams in: Air law, Operational procedures, Human performance, Meteorology, Navigation, Flight Performance & Planning, Aircraft General, Principles of Flight and Communications. 

You will complete all of them at Hungary Civil Aviation Authority (Budapest); the Private Pilot Licence (PPL) exam questions are all multiple choice and have a pass mark of 75%.

You have 18 months in which to complete all nine exams from the end of the month that you have attempted your first Private Pilot Licence (PPL) exam, and once all exams have been completed, you then have 24 months from this date in which to successfully pass your Private Pilot Licence (PPL) skills test.

You attempt each exam up to three times but all nine exams must be completed in no more than ‘6 sittings’ (a sitting has been defined as a period of ten days). In addition to these exams there is also a practical radio telephony test, conducted by an RT examiner in order for you to gain your radio license.

Benefits of Flight Training in Noir Flight Academy

  • Flexible Flight Schedule
  • Airline Oriented Training
  • Pay as you fly option
  • Best affordable training
  • Experienced flight instructors



No. You pay as you fly. Generally, You pay in 4 installments. It would change with a different course.

You may pay cash or via bank transfer.

  • Yes. Generally You pay %15. But It can change depends on the course. 
  • This deposit is basically your first installment.

Medical Certificates

There are 2. Medical Class I and Class II. Class I stands for commercial pilots. Class II stands for private pilots.

You need to have EASA Medical Certificate Class II to fly the first solo.

5 years until you are 40, 2 years if you are between 40 and 50, 1 year if you are over 50

It costs approximately 70 euro in Hungary and Slovakia.

Yes. You can have your medical in any EASA member state. (But the cost of examination can vary in every country)

You need to have medical class I before starting Commerical Pilot Training CPL.

It costs approximately 180 euro in Hungary and Slovakia.

    How to become our student?

    Noir Flight Academy Offers Flight Training in Europe

    Noir Flight Academy offers modular flight training on Private Pilot Licence (PPL), Pilot in Command (PIC), Night Visual Flight Rules (NVFR), Instrument Rating (IR), Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) in Europe. In addition to these trainings, Noir offers Aircraft Rental service. Noir Flight Academy gives these Flight Trainings with reasonable prices to make your Pilot Dream come true. Real aviation lovers found Noir Flight Academy to make a difference in pilot training.

    We always focus to give best pilot training experience in Noir Flight Academy.

    At Noir Flight Academy, we have the instructors are 100% committed to providing the best quality flight training in Europe. Start your pilot in training in Noir Flight Academy and get best Flight Training in Europe.

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    Let’s Talk!

    If you need more information about the course. Just send us a message. Our team will respond you as soon as possible.


    • Sean
      Posted Temmuz 9, 2022 at 5:22 pm

      I would like to start for ppl
      and I would like to get all the information relevant to it such as how much is for a one hour of training? i know 40 is the minimum and mostly people need around 60.
      and 6 theory test
      and where are locating?

      thank you

      • Post Author
        Posted Aralık 18, 2022 at 12:39 pm

        Hello Sean;
        We are located in Hungary/Kaposvar.
        PPL training is given as solid training.

        You have to pass all 9 exams successfully.
        Practical part consists of minimum 45 flight hours. You will fly at least 25 hours with your flight instructor, and at least 10 hours as solo pilot under ground supervision of the flight instructor.

    • Anna Collins
      Posted Kasım 20, 2022 at 7:18 am

      My brother has dreamt of working as a pilot ever since he was a kid, so he’s working hard to pursue that goal soon by looking for programs to take that can help him get a private pilot license soon. Thank you for explaining to us that a PPL is a qualification that allows the holder to fly an aircraft since this proves that he has undergone the proper training for it. I’ll keep this in mind while I help my brother find a good private pilot program to choose soon.

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